have an affair?

 Specifically, her comparison with creativity and lust. Gilbert writes about approaching creativity like you are having an affair. Now, if you know me, I hate cheaters (affairs are a no-no) but, when you frame it around creativity—it made perfect sense. It was genius!

And here’s why.
Remember your College crush or those first few months after meeting your now husband (maybe they are one and the same)? Oxytocin running rampant through your veins. Crazy with infatuation. Now, imagine approaching a new project, a creative project, with that same intensity. An intensity that is fueled by reckless abandon, fearlessness and no-holds barred bravery--wow!
If you approached ‘creativity’ like you were having an affair, you’d:

  • Be consumed with thoughts about your ‘project’—day and night,
  • Find time to be with your ‘project’ no matter how busy you were,
  • Make the most out of fifteen minutes alone with your ‘project’ (think back to kissing in the stairwells, making out before lunch, etc.),
  • Forget that sleep was important or needed when given an opportunity to be with your 'project',
  • Not care that your mother or friend think your ‘project’ is all wrong for you,
  • Put on lipstick to work on your 'project'—you’d do your hair, put on your best dress and ultimately, seduce it!
Now, when’s the last time you’ve taken on an endeavor with this intensity or, maybe you’re working on an enterprise right now that you should start looking at a little differently? Do you think if you approached your next creative undertaking with a ‘lust-filled, all-consuming, do-stupid-things for love’ mentality, you’d find more success? Be more inspired or maybe even create your best work? Hmmmmm...I believe it could happen!
Now get out there ladies—GO HAVE AN AFFAIR!
Take a new ‘sexier’ approach with your next venture.
Just don’t have a real affair—that would be bad…really bad!